ERP Simplified Series

Receive the "ERP Simplified Series for Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing" to explore how individual components of ERP work to simplify your business. ERP software is broken down piece by piece to simplify how you review and install ERP systems.

Articles of Interest:

Simplifying ERP Systems

Squeeze Play: Taking Stock of Lower Inventory Costs with Innovative ERP

Recognize the symptoms of an out-of-sync ERP and find ROI 

Wireless WMS for Real Time Visibility

ERP Handbook: An Executive's Guide to ERP Implementation


Return On Investment

When you purchase a system, whether it is an ERP system, WMS system, RFID or an add-on, the purpose is to offset costs WHILE improving your value proposition to your customers. Anytime you improve your business processes, you improve your value proposition to your customers.

Negative Influencers to Your Bottom Line

  • High ERP costs or an inefficient ERP system
  • Inability to analyze your data
  • Dissatisfied customers
  • Lack of integration and visibility to data

This Return On Investment (ROI) catalog needs to be foremost in your mind while researching new systems. ROI entries may be added or removed to fit your particular circumstance. Our “Business Computing Assessment” proprietary methodology facilitates detailed drill down analysis into these areas. 

We can run your numbers through an ROI calculator to ERP ROI Calculator Contactanalyze whether the time is right for you to upgrade or embrace ERP with integrated wireless WMS to improve your operation.

Integration challenges, internal and external

  • Use enterprise business software with integrated e-business to reach new markets and increase sales
  • Eliminate repetitive, time-consuming, error-prone tasks with data integration
  • EDI to meet increasingly sophisticated demands from more suppliers and customers
  • Warehouse management and shipping integration

Manage and analyze every aspect of your business

  • Create customized reports and export data to desktop applications to easily analyze and manage
  • Automate shipment planning to increase order fulfillment efficiency and reduce paperwork
  • Dashboard technology with automated alerts based on business rules to view and interact with live business data
  • Integrated Customer Relationship Management for Sales and Marketing to increase your reach

Improved visibility and control business operations

  • Data integration between all business units and processes for immediate resolution
  • Forecast accuracy and production efficiency to operate at peak efficiency
  • Real-time schedule visibility and test the schedule for capacity constraints
  • A/R carrying cost and bad debt reduction through better credit and collection procedures

Enrich customer service, minimize on-hand inventory and improve quality of decision making

  • Advanced formulas to provide suggested purchasing recommendations
  • Increase inventory turns through improved inventory management and forecasting
  • Improve on-time delivery resulting with improved customer satisfaction and reduced expediting freight costs
  • Reduce errors to boost your company image as an easy vendor with which to conduct business

Improve warehouse efficiency by sharing information across your entire organization. Automating your warehouse = high ROI.

  • Eliminate costly mistakes and increase productivity with wireless RF or RFID
  • Increase fulfillment speed by more efficiently locating items
  • Increase fulfillment accuracy with electronic verification to the order
  • Manage the shop floor by sending orders through a wireless network and track progress
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