Action Results and Legacy Application Modernization

This is a follow on article to the Procrastination & Legacy Application Modernization.  There we talked about why modernization or upgrading is procrastinated, better stated, resisted.  Here we list a few desired results achieved by not letting resistance faze you, by taking action. Request the series Power Move: Relevance of  Application Modernization to study the implications of modernizing or upgrading your legacy enterprise applications.

Overall Results Legacy Application Modernization


Action Result #1: Integration to Work for You

Integrated business processes

Your business processes are integrated with a system that works for you.  Your data and business processes no longer fight each other.  Real time data integration results with real time data visibility.  For instance, imagine being able to review your global inventory from a centralized dashboard of information to immediately see a snapshot of inventory valuation, inventory turns, fill rates, suggested replenishments….  This type of visibility is now occurring through all your departments.


Reach new markets

Meet increasingly sophisticated demands from customers and suppliers.  Trading Partners, Vendors, Supply Chain, e-commerce—the integration list is endless.  With this external integration handled, along with your efficiency, your competitiveness is amplified.  You are able to reach new markets.  A small fish can play in the ocean.


Action Result #2: Morale “ahhhh much better”

Informed decision making

Staff productivity and morale are increased by eliminating manual, repetitive, time-consuming, and error-prone tasks.  By using the advanced, automated tools inherent in an integrated ERP system, your staff can make informed decisions.  Customer get answers to their inquiries at a click, better yet, customers can do their own clicking to answer their own questions.


Drive your business

The day-to-day management of your constant processes, those that drive your business, becomes more seamless with automated controls.  Consider, for instance, an automated alert sent  when orders need action from another department; an order dashboard selectively filtered to see what orders are ready to pick and ship.  Your on-time delivery score soars.


Action Result #3: Effectiveness to Spend Time Elsewhere

Competitiveness: Recognize potential opportunities

Your effectiveness shows in your decision making and customer acquisition and retention.  By interacting with your live business data, cold hard data, you make informed decisions.  By looking at profitability across a product line, territory, or whatever your metric is, you can see if goals are being met, how you are trending, pinpoint deviations to act upon immediately.  Become more competitive by recognizing potential opportunities.  This type of on demand information gives you the knowledge you need for decisions now, then move on to your next mission critical task.


Action Result #4: Reduced Costs go to the Bottom Line

Productivity gains

Reduced costs due to productivity gains as a result of more efficient business processes.  Reduced costs in customer retention due to better metrics serving the customer.  Reduced costs in customer acquisition by reaching new markets due to satisfying their demands.


Reduced Enterprise Costs

Depending on your current infrastructure, you may reduce the number of software licenses, hardware maintenance may be reduced due to inherent efficiencies, annual software maintenance costs and overall support fees may be reduced with modernized applications.  The overall level of agility is increased.  Savings here may indeed be used for the modernization project.


Action Result #5: Technological Advancements

Extend the Value Gained

You engage in an ongoing relationship with your software vendor to continually improve their system, thus your system, with whatever new innovation comes along.  For instance, you are ready for a mobile workforce; access to your system from anywhere, anytime on any device.  Rely on your software vendor to incorporate this into their system rather than buying a third party app that needs integrated with your data.  Join the install base to help determine your system’s direction.


Your Requirement not listed here?

Let’s explore the details….


Are You Ready to Act?Analytics and Business Intelligence

We can help you explore how individual components of ERP work to offset costs while improving your value proposition to your customers, not to mention your competitiveness; offset costs WHILE improving your value proposition to your customers.  Request the series Power Move: Relevance of Application Modernization.  Explore your possibilities for productivity gains to increase the effectiveness of your revenue generating and mission critical employees.  Bonus, the series includes valuable tools.

To dream the impossible dream?  NO!  Now, there’s no sugar coating that modernization isn’t without difficulty, frustration, and yes, even crabby employees through the process.  Communication is paramount, as is user involvement throughout the life cycle.



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