Simplifying ERP

Action Results and Legacy Application Modernization

This is a follow on article to the Procrastination & Legacy Application Modernization.  There we talked about why modernization or upgrading is procrastinated, better stated, resisted.  Here we list a few desired results achieved by not letting resistance faze you, by taking action. Request the series Power Move: Relevance of  Application Modernization to study the implications of modernizing or upgrading your legacy enterprise applications.

Overall Results Legacy Application Modernization


Action Result #1: Integration to Work for You

Integrated… Continue reading

Procrastination & Enterprise Application Modernization

We make ourselves believe what we think.  So if you think “Managing our enterprise application has grown costly and modernization is hard and expensive”, then it will be…especially if you tell yourself that over and over and over again.  Negative thoughts push away the positives in life.

Legacy ERP Application Modernization
Thoughts can change your whole life.  How about doing what you do in life…look at the endeavor with the end in mind…what is your desired state?  When do you… Continue reading

Inventory Optimization-How ERP Systems can improve Cash Flow

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Accounts Receivable Management – ERP Systems Can Improve Cash Flow

Simplifying ERP Systems for Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing series continues with Accounts Receivable Management for cash flow improvement.

Crucial to your competitive advantage is the ability to know your financial standing at any given moment and all that effects it.

Key Performance Indicators Dashboard

ERP Simplified

Using a completely integrated ERP system you interact daily with key performance indicators (KPIs) via a centralized ERP dashboard. Knowing your financial standing helps you improve cash flow by intelligently interacting with your data so you… Continue reading

Simplifying ERP Systems for Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing

ERP software simplified, is that possible? Let's explore. In this series, we will break down ERP piece by piece, to try to make it, well, simplified Continue reading

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