SaaS ERP….Is Cloud Computing Right For My Business?

SaaS ERP for Distribution, Manufacturing, and Retail has numerous benefits for your business.

Top among them:

• No up-front investment for hardware and software licenses
• No on-premise application server means your IT skill-set needs are minimized
• Remote access for employees and trading partners

As SaaS ERP is getting more and more headlines, rightfully so, how do you determine if SaaS ERP is right for your business?

Begin by answering these questions for yourself:

To CAPEX or Not

1. Do you prefer your IT costs to be expensed or to have long term debt on your books?

Inventory Is King

2. Would you prefer to keep your credit line available for inventory?

IT Skills

3. Do you have the skills to manage an on-premise data center?

Hardware Maintenance

4. Do you want the server hardware investment and maintenance that goes with it?

Bandwidth of your Pipeline

5. Would your number of users exceed your bandwidth?  This will require a bandwidth analysis for an accurate answer.

6. If applicable, would you be able to get the bandwidth to support sub-second response time for such applications as integrated conveyors?

Growth Flexibility

7. Would you like the option to move to an on-premise model based on your growth?

Training Bucks

8. Would you prefer to only invest in user software education, not server hardware, to run your business in a more innovative model?


9. Do you have a need for remote employees or dealers to access the system from anywhere?


10. What other applications do I need to integrate with the ERP system?

Gut Check

11.  Are you comfortable operating in the cloud?  If not, list your concerns.

To further refine if SaaS ERP is right for your business please contact us for an assessment.

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