Simplifying ERP Systems for Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing

Are you overwhelmed by the plethora of complex information regarding all facets of ERP systems for your enterprise?


In this series, we will break down ERP software piece by piece, to try to make it, well, simplified. ERP software simplified, is that possible? Let’s explore…

It’s complicated… but it doesn’t have to be

Your business is not simple, it’s complex. So, you set processes to simplify each operational function.  Let’s look at ERP systems similarly.

Too often, we in the ERP software world take many basics for granted when we talk about ERP systems. We assume everybody knows how ERP software handles these basics and how it benefits them. We hear much more about the advanced functionality in ERP Systems. That’s great, really needed, but many people still need to know the good ol’ basics, the ones that drive your business and streamline your processes. So, assumptions aside, let’s get simplified…


Software+Complexity = Business+Simplicity

It’s true, ERP software is complicated, but the result is a business that’s simplified, automated, and, because of increased productivity, one that runs more efficiently and profitably.

The complexity built into ERP software allows you to tailor implementations to your business, making it easier to access, to use, and… less complex.

In this series, we’ll explore how the components of a customized ERP work to simplify your business including:

• Improving cash flow using accounts receivable and credit management, accounts payable management, and inventory management
• Optimizing inventory for maximum profitability
• Increasing sales and marketing effectiveness
• Managing procurement processes more efficiently
• Better material requirements planning
• More useful and productive trading partner relationships and EDI
• Enhanced customer service
• Increased warehouse management efficiencies from automation
• Simpler business processes derived from the right/best ERP implementation for your business

To see how these components work, one by one, and how by combining them, you can increase productivity and thereby reduce operating costs, sign up for our ERP Simplified series. You may be surprised to see how easy ERP can really be.

ERP Simplified Series


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