Warehouse Management System ROI


"HowToInnovate HowToImplement"

 You make the call! Which is easier:

increasing sales
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decreasing operating costs


Both have a major impact on the bottom line -- end result is to increase sales while keeping expense growth down to a proportionate degree. Please review this table then contact us to run your numbers through an ROI calculator.  


Integrated WMS

Return on Investment

inefficiencies managing
paper pick tickets

order dashboard /
RF or voice picking

Decrease Costs

random inventory storage

optimize storage

Decrease Costs

receiving to paper PO

handheld RF receiving
to PO real time

Decrease Costs

difficulty locating product

real-time RF inventory moves for your complete inventory visibility

Decrease Costs

shipping errors resulting in credit memos & customer complaints

RF shipping verification to the actual order

Decrease Costs
Increase Sales

inefficiencies throughout the shipping process

increase fulfillment speed /
reduce overhead

Decrease Costs
Increase Sales

misplace product

handheld RF realtime bin or location transfers

Decrease Costs

physical inventory time consuming

increase inventory accuracy

Decrease Costs
Increase Sales

serial & lot tracking and shelf life requirements

serial & lot tracking visibility

Decrease Costs

reduce credit memos

RF shipping Verification to the actual order

Decrease Costs

slow inventory turns

RF or voice increases fulfillment speed to reduce overhead / increase turns

Increase Sales

freight costs

reduce expedited freight costs

Decrease Costs

RFID requirement

integrated RFID

Decrease Costs
Increase Sales


Many of these both decrease costs and increase sales - DOUBLE BONUS!

Together, let's look at whether a WMS system can positively influence your bottom line by increasing efficiencies, thus reducing costs. To schedule or further discuss please Contact Us; put a software professional on your team.


Integration Tool: More about EXTOL Business Integrator to integrate WMS to your ERP


HowToImplement integrated WMS

  • Do your due diligence, perform an ROI calculation and keep that ROI focus

  • Document your goals and objectives / the problems you need to solve

  • Work closely with your vendor's implementation team to design the process

  • Create a thorough implementation project plan

  • Break it down into manageable pieces. Early successes = buy-in from your team

  • For a fluid install have a pre and post implementation plan to manage the production environment (go-live)

  • Test every function of the WMS to verify the setup; further testing is needed if modifications are required

  • Training users when they are not responsible for warehouse functions to get their full attention

  • Give your people pre-implementation practice time to get comfortable with the technology

  • Document procedures for later retrieval by end users

  • Assign personnel to manage the go-live that will work with users and troubleshoot